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FACT  Residency - Artist Statement and Portfolio

My practice is fueled by an interest in the power of narrative and the power dynamics involved in who gets to narrate.
Who has access, can contribute, and govern shared archives. I am drawn to art as a tool, which allows me to tell a story, as much as it allows me to examine and question the ways stories are constructed. I aim to make art which allows both maker and audience/collaborator to explore, empathise and learn.


Research in the past 5 years has revolved around the topic of migration, along with research into digital literacy, reading practices and performance writing. An interest in process and translation leads my work to sit in a bit of an inbetween: installations which are waiting to be turned into performance spaces, texts written to be performed. Stories to be read by many different voices and hopefully challenged by just as many.


removedbackground drawing.png

On the Seams of the Sea condensed years of research into a living archive, waiting to be explored by visitors. It consisted of interviews, images and sounds collected during ‘fieldwork’ along with newspaper snippets and academic research into reading in a digital era. The work zoomed in on a local community of volunteers on Lesvos, and situated both the audience and myself as somewhere between being an active participant and passive observer.

On the Seams of the Sea  (June, 2018)

Interactive Installation

During my MFA, I became obsessed with temporary spaces and wishing to construct one myself, I built a 9ft. wooden rowing boat out of 3 sheets of ply wood. The boat, imagined as a space for storytelling, was built with the intention of using it as a set for performances. It can fit 3 people and floats well.

A Draft  (June, 2019)

Installation, sound sculpture,
performance space, studio

Additionally I continued my research on migration and returned for more fieldwork in Lesvos and this time explored a more personal and poetic narrative of in-betweens. Through analog photography, 16mm film, writing, projection, sound, and drawing, I explored a variety of interstitial spaces and their boundaries. A performance script from this collection of work, was published in LUNE - The Journal of Literary Misrule.

Mishkat  (June, 2019)

16mm film, digital edit

An Articulation   (June, 2019)

scanned performance text

'Oh, they printed it, it must be true.'    (June, 2018)

scanned zine

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